Friday, July 8, 2011

Cultural Intifada in the USA

Cultural Intifada in the USA: Palestinian and Jewish American Artists Defending the Homeland

a documentary by moses seenarine (c) 2009

DVD | Color
67 min | Full Screen

"Honorable Mention in Documentary Feature "
-Los Angeles Reel Film Festival 2009

Featuring interviews and performances by
Tahani Salah
Saria Idana
Remi Kanazi
David Rovics

An energetic, informative and powerful film on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Cultural Intifada (Resistance) in the USA presents the amazing art and activism of three Palestinian American and two Jewish American artists - Tahani Salah, Ragtop, Saria Idana, Remi Kanazi, and David Rovics - whose work focus on the Middle East conflict. This moving documentary, produced and directed by Moses Seenarine, includes sixteen incredible spoken-word, hip-hop and folk music performances, interspersed with dynamic interviews of the artists exploring their development.

This film is part of ibGlobe's series on Muslim Americans and the Middle East conflict. Cultural Intifada (Resistance) in the USA: Palestinian and Jewish Americans Defending the Homeland is the first documentary in the series. Sparked by the attacks of 9/11 and the subsequent worldwide demonetization of Arabs and Muslims, this series attempts to counter widespread media bias.

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Institutional Copy available on Amazon:​Cultural-Intifada-Resistance-USA-Palestinian/​dp/​0802611184

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